Monday, 23 January 2012

Arsenal vs. Man. Utd.

Yes. A slight change from my other post and also from the blog basis itself but I think yesterdays actions by a certain Mr. Wenger do deserve a little bit of a response.

Respected Sir,

Firstly Mr. Wenger- I am a fan of Arsenal football club for quite a long while now and unlike what you believe the fans are not out for your job. I am in no ways calling for your resignation because I do realise that you have unearthed great talents for us over the year. You are the best manager Arsenal ever had the stats speak for themselves and even though stats are lies i do know that it is because of you that certain youngsters signed for us most notably the Ox that you beat a whole host of Premier League clubs to.

Now that we have that out of the way though Sir, I must protest what all you said in defence of your position. It is not at all odd that you offer no real justification for your actions choosing rather to stamp your authority over the entire situation. With due respect sir, this is not your personal fiefdom. You are not the alpha and the Omega and you do certainly need to justify your actions to fans that pay to see the side play rather than offer quite odd defences. If you had said, that it was a mistake I think we all would have forgiven you, just as we have over the past years. I submit to you sir, we have shown more faith in you and your team then perhaps you have in your own capacity.

The second defence you offered is that a Captain of the Russian team came on for a league debutant who was sick all week and basically knackered. Well sir, if the gentleman was ill all week why start him especially since you have not shown the need to start him for so many months? Does a person need to be ill to receive an arsenal start? Perhaps the most important question is why did you throw a youngster you protected according to your own admission for so long into a cauldron that was this game when he was half sick? Sir, I lay to you a situation where let us assume one defender got sent off and a midfield player got injured. It is not an unheard of situation by any sense and the result would be a change in tactics. Let us say you had to introduce one defender and one midfielder for the same. It would then mean that your final substitution would not be a gamechanger or one that applies any pressure to yhe opposition it would be reserved for this man and this man alone.

In addition to the above being the captain of one's country team is not the defining point as you lay out. There are many teams in the world and many captains, should all start before a genuine talent. Perhaps you do not realise that passion makes you do strange things. It makes people do strange things like play through pain and fatigue. It makes Fabregas dispatch a penalty with so much power it injures him and it makes Oxlade Chamberlain a man of the match on his debut.

One must also see the personnel sir. Arshavin has shown no fight over the past months and even th increased pressure has not shown an increased work rate. Compare this with Eboue who was booed but then because a fan favorite because he showed hunger. Whether you made 50,000 substitions in your career is not the issue on debate- the issue is you putting on a trojan horse.

Sir, the world is not against you. Bring on the players, the young players you have developed- allow them to have a go where the old ones have failed but do not act in the most subborn manner known to man. The issue today only shows your subborness as an individual for some peculiar reason. It must be the fans who one must answer when one is in a position of power otherwise play with an empty stadium with no cameras. We the fans do have a right to be aggreved by your actions sir because we do hope for a win not for playing individuals who are highly paid and underwork according to any standard used.

Sir, I wonder now how you will protect your elder statesman you are so enamored with even after his glaring deficiencies. You Sir, may well have, in one stroke, messed up two footballing careers for life because of your subborness but who am I to question you the master of the universe?

A Fan.

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